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Public Relations

‘Public Relations’ as a profession has made rapid progress. The major public sector and private organisations today have recognised the importance of Public

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Media Relations

Medium and message, constitute the life blood of Public Relations. It is our endeavour to persuade public through media and message. SAMVAD will look into the presentation,

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Event Management

SAMVAD will offer its services for conducting AGMs/ Media events and other meets held by the client company. It will also plan and organise client-specific and target-specific programmes.

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SAMVAD will help plan and organise specialised exhibitions and trade fairs. It will also help the clients in putting up stalls in exhibitions

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Brand Equity

Brands are like, Best Friends. They have to be positioned in the minds of the targeted customers. SAMVAD undertakes the job of branding

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Direct Mail

SAMVAD will draft, design, execute and despatch mails to the required data base users or target groups and prepares a comprehensive and classified list

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Road Shows

Road shows are the latest exercise in projecting a positive image of the company, in front of business associates and clients, apart from media.

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Database Development

SAMVAD will help collect, classify, update and present the data required by the client so that the latter can access the latest information with ease.

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Multimedia Presentation

SAMVAD will develop regular multi-media presentations and Power-point Presentations for client. It will take care of all aspects like, script, audio, visuals,

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SAMVAD aims to provide professional service in all spheres of Public Relations and areas of corporate communication with client specific needs.


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